I consider it as an honor and privilege to be the principal of Grace Valley Public School, a school with a difference. Education as its purpose and goal as to make students life-long learners, critical thinkers, creative learners, problem solvers etc.At GVPS we strive to strengthen students’ academic skills, moral senses, fill them with a thirst for knowledge with integrity and respect and strive for all round development of students with special attention to moral education and value based education.

In a world devoid of respect towards teachers, parents and  all irresponsible to everything the importance of providing moral and value based education is prime important to make children useful citizens for individuals and nation.

In the serene lap of nature ‘grace valley’ students learn calmness and to have peace of mind under the great leadership of spiritual leader Athippatta mohiyudheen kutty usthad who teaches respect and love to all irrespective of  colour, creed, religion and language and even love towards animals.

With an experience of  more than three decades the organization lkhvani  Trust has held on the principle of imparting value based education with a modern vision that prepares students for   next generation challengers. With a methodology school follows for teaching authentic, interactive , learner centered, continuous, process focused and integrated, we believe that students will be equipped with an education that will help them proactive scientific tempered motivated learners.


Rafeek T B Wafy