Founder of Grace Valley Public School

Athippatta Muhiyudheen Kutty Musliar is the founder of Grace Valley
Public School together with other three educational institutions in the
elegant land of Wadi Rahma. He was a great man of noble visions who
became catalytic impulse for the establishment and development of
Grace Valley Public School. His vision was to provide international
standard educational model which he experienced in GCC, to the
students in a remote area of Malappuram who are devoid of
developments and amenities of urban life. It was a school which focuses
to develop the students as global citizens with tolerance, respect,
compassion and all other values of life. He endeavored through his
interactions with students reminding them of their roles and responsibilities in the society. The respect he showed to the students
encourage them to become more respectful, disciplined and confident
enabling them to face the challenges of life.


Moideen Kutty Musliyar, Athipatta

Athipatta Usthath